What is the size of Florida?

The total area size of Florida is 65,795 sq mi or 170,305 sq km. FloridaIt terms of size it is the 22nd biggest in the United States. It is 361 miles (582 km) wide and 447 miles (721 km) in length.

Geographical Information

17% of Florida’s area is water. The latitude is 24 degrees, 27’ N to 31 degrees N. The longitude is 80 degrees, 02’ W to 87 degrees, 38’ W. The highest point is Britton Hill at 345 ft (105 m) and the lowest is the Atlantic Ocean at 0 ft (0 m). The mean is 98 ft (30 m). On the north boundary are the states of Alabama and Georgia.

The location and size of Florida allows for a variety of high and low level areas. Places like Orlando are generally plain. However, locations like Clearwater have vistas reaching heights of 50 to 100 ft (15 to 30 m).

In the central and northern part of the state are numerous rolling hills. These can reach heights of 100 to 250 ft (30 to 76 m). Sugarloaf Mountain in Lake County goes up to 312 ft (95 m).


By 2008, Florida’s population had reached 18,328,340. In terms of population growth, it is the 30th fastest in the US. The earliest census records date back to 1830. Back then the population size was 34,730. By 1860 it had risen to 140,424 and in 1890 it had gone up to 391,422.

By 1910 the population size of Florida had reached 752,619. By the 1930s the figure was 1,468,211. In 1940 the figure was 1,897,414. In 1960 the census showed a population of 4,951,560. In 1980 the figure had gone up 9,746,324. The 1990 census figure was 12,937,928.

City Population Size

The largest city in terms of population is Jacksonville with 805,805. Miami has an estimated population of 424,662 and Tampa 336,823. At St. Petersburg it is 246,407; in Orlando it is 227,907, Hialeah 212,217 and Fort Lauderdale the figure is 183,606.

The population at Tallahassee is 171,922; at Cape Coral, it is 156,891 and at Fort Saint Lucie it’s 151,391. The population size of Florida’s other cities are as follows: at Pembroke Pines it is 146,828; Hollywood, 142,473; at Coral Springs the figure is 126,875 and Gainesville it is 114,375.

The population at Miami Gardens is 108,852, for Miramar it is 108,240 and at Clearwater it is 106,642. Pompano Beach has a population figure of 102,745 and Palm Bay, 100,115.


Temperatures rarely go above 100 F (38 C). The temperature is usually 30 C. During autumn and winter, the temperature could range from 4-15 C to 0 to 10 C. The highest temperature recorded was 109 F (43 C) on June 29, 1931. The lowest was -2 F (-19 C) on February 13, 1899. Unlike other places, the seasons are more influenced by precipitation than temperature.

With its mix of natural features, quality infrastructure and sports attractions, the size of Florida’s population is expected to grow as more people settle in.

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