What is the Biggest US state?

The biggest US state is Alaska. The total area is 663,268 sq mi US state(equal to 1,717,854 km2). It is 2,261 miles (3,639 km) wide and 1,420 miles (2,286 km) long. The capital is Juneau.

Geographical Information

The water area percentage is 13.77%. The latitude is 51 degrees, 20′ N to 71 degrees, 50’ N. the longitude is 130 degrees W to 172 E. Mount McKinley is the tallest point at 20,320 ft (6,193.7 m). The Pacific Ocean is the lowest point (0 ft / 0 m). 1,900 ft is the mean.

The state has 34,000 miles (54,720 km) of shoreline. There are several volcanoes there. One of the most notable is Mount Shishaldin which reaches heights of 10,000 ft. The biggest US state also has one of the biggest tides in the world. At Turnagain Arm the tide difference can go up to 10 m (35 ft).

Population Growth

The 2008 population estimate was 686,293. The density was 1.03 sq mi (0.4 km2). It is the 50The 1950 census showed the th in the country.

population then was 128,643. It grew substantially in 1960 (the estimate was 226,167). By 1970 there were 300,382 inhabitants and by 1980 a figure of 401,851 had been put forward. The 1990 census showed the population was 550,043. The population of the biggest US state for the year 2000 was 626,932.

The 2000 US Census revealed that white Americans made up 69.3% of Alaska’s population. African Americans comprised 3.5%, while Native Alaskans and Native Americans made up 15.6%. Asian Americans comprised 4%. The rest were divided among other races.

Approximately 4% of the Alaskan population is Hispanic. The German ancestry made up 16.6% of the population. Irish Americans made up 10% and English Americans 9%. 3.2% were French Americans and 5% Norwegian Americans.

Population Size of Cities

Anchorage is the most populated with 260,283 residents. The capital Juneau is next with 30,711 followed by Fairbanks with 30,224. College is the fourth most populated with 11,402. Sitka (8,835) is the fifth most populated in the biggest US state.

Ketchikan is sixth with a population of 7,922 followed by Knik-Fairview (population 7,049). Kenai’s population has been estimated at 6,942 while Lakes at 6,706.

Kodiak is the tenth biggest city with a population of 6,334. Kalifornsky is 11th with 5,846 residents. Bethel is the 12th biggest with a population of 5471. Wasilla is 13th (5,469) and Eielson AFB (5,400) is the 14th biggest.

Richest Boroughs in Alaska

At number one is the City and Borough of Juneau with a per capita income of $26,719. Denali Borough is next with $26,251. The most populated city in the biggest US state, Anchorage is next with $25,287.

Next is Aleutians West Census Area with $24,037. This is followed by Ketchikan Gateway Borough with a per capita income of $23,994. At number six is the City and Borough of Sitka ($23,622). At number seven is Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area ($23,493).

Although it is the biggest US state, Alaska also has the lowest density rate. In terms of median income it is ranked 4th highest in the US.

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