Dimension of a Pipestem Triangle

Pipestem triangle sizes usually range from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" long. However, there are many other dimensions available. The figures mentioned are the most common though. 
General Information 
The pipestem triangle is a device used for supporting dishes or crucibles when they are being heated on a burner. The device is usually made from porcelain pipe and galvanized steel. The triangle is used to reduce oxidation and keep wire from sagging. The crucible is set on the pipestem’s iron wire covering. 
The device is simple enough to use. If you buy the product, a user manual may be included. Follow the instructions carefully. 
Where to Buy Pipestem Triangles 
In the past, your only option was to look for stores that sell scientific equipment. Nowadays, it is easier to find pipestem triangles, flasks and other scientific equipment. 
You just have to go online. Type “pipestem triangle for sale” or “buy pipestem triangle” and several sites will appear. Once you get to the site you just have to specify the quantity. Add the items to your cart and go to the payment section. 
Before you buy, you should compare the prices of the items. If you need several, it is better to buy in bulk than one after the other. If you go over the numbers, it will be much cheaper, especially with regards to the shipping cost. 
What is the Crucible? 
Whatever the pipestem triangle sizes used, they will be for supporting the crucible. The crucible is a container with refractory properties. The device is used in several laboratory experiments and processes. What makes the device attractive to use is its ability to withstand high temperatures. 
When used with the pipestem triangle, the container will not be affected. This will help keep the contents safe and unaffected. For scientists, this is extremely important. 
The traditional crucible is constructed from clay. But these containers can now be made from any material that can withstand the temperature it is meant to be used with. 
Use in Chemical Analysis 
The crucible is also utilized in chemical analysis. They are employed in quantitative gravimetric chemical analysis. When used in this manner, the lid and crucible have to be weighed in a very precise manner. Clean tongs are used to handle the crucible so the results are not contaminated. 
Regardless of the pipestem triangle size you buy, take all the necessary precautions when handling the device. This is especially true if you are working with a burner. 

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