Medical Syringes Dimensions

The medical syringe is used to remove, infuse or inject fluids. These are used extensively in the medical profession for removing blood from the body. They are also used for injecting medications.

Medical Syringe Size

The size is determined by the amount of liquid stored in the syringe’s barrel. The barrel is where blood, medication or other solutions are stored. The volume is calibrated in tenths. A tenth is equivalent to 0.1 ml. This measurement is preferred because it is very precise. The barrel size varies from 0.5 ml to 50 ml.

The Plunger

The plunger is situated at the lower portion of the syringe. It is composed of colored glass or plastic. It is used to empty the barrel. To fill the barrel, the plunger is pulled; it is pushed to empty the barrel.

The Hub

The hub is at the opposite end of the plunger. It ends in the needle hub. The hub is comprised of the needle adapter which keeps the needle connected to the syringe. The hub also locks the needle when the syringe is being used.

The Needle

Whatever the medical syringe size, the needle is made up of three parts: the shaft, bevel and lumen. The needle length varies, as do the lumen and shaft dimensions. The shaft is the metal length. The specs are determined based on the administration site, route, medication thickness and the client’s physical mass.

The lumen (or bore) is the hollow portion in the needle. The lumen’s diameter is the number gauge of the needle. The lumen is also selected with similar specs as the shaft. The bevel is the final element of the needle. It is the pointed component.

Protective Cap

All syringes used for medical purposes have a protective cap. This is necessary so the needle is not contaminated. If not protected, the needles will become the means by which diseases are transmitted. The bevel is covered so accidents are avoided.

It is also used to ensure that this patient will receive the needle. For safety reasons, needles are disposable. They are discarded after one use. Needless to say, all syringes must be clean and infection free.

The medical syringe sizes used have to be judged accurately. If the amount is mistakenly increased or reduced by even a few milliliters, it could have an adverse effect on the patient. For this reason, only the qualified health providers must use them.

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