Size of Digital Multimeters

Digital multimeter sizes are as varied as their features. The Sinometer AC/DC MS8268 is 7.68 inches long, 1.73 inches wide and 3.62 inches high. Other models on sale on the web measure 7.7 x 1.7 x 3.6 inches.


This is an instrument widely used in auto shops. The device has three main features. Like a voltmeter, it is capable of determining electrical potential in volts. The device is also an ammeter; it can measure the electric current present in a device.

The result is measured in amps. The device also functions as an ohmmeter. It determines a device’s electrical resistance. This is determined in ohms.


Aside from the different digital multimeter sizes, they also come in various styles. Majority of them are designed for rugged use. Their interface has also been simplified so they are easier to use. These devices are often set in durable plastic cases. Majority have selector knobs.

Usually, the digital readout screen is at the upper part. This isn’t always the case though. Examine the screen layout; ensure that it is big enough for you. The readout must also be visible even under sunlight.

The Function Switches

The function switch is the knob under the readout. This knob lets you alter the modes the apparatus works in. Using the knob, you can switch from the voltmeter to ohmmeter to ammeter.

Majority of switches have eight positions. Three V markings are used to determine the voltage. This allows you to get the low voltage currents and AC DC.

The device has positions with A~ and A= marks. The A= is used for getting DC current. The A~ obtains the AC current. Both currents are measured in amps. The ohms resistance is measured using the upside down horseshoe sign.

Other Information

Using these devices is pretty easy. You just turn it on and use the dial to switch between the functions. To check voltage, turn the device on. Move the switch to V=. This will give you the DC volts.

Hook up the red and black leads on the multimeter. Hook the leads to the proper terminals. You will now be able to read the volts.
Once you are finished, turn it off. If you don’t, the battery will be drained rapidly.

Whatever the digital multimeter sizes are, always let it go through the self diagnostic process first. This will ensure the device will provide the proper reading.

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