The Biggest Radio Controled Boat

The biggest radio controlled boat is a 22 ft long Seafarer sloop fitted with an R/C servo. An R/C transmitter is used to autopilot it. The boat is called the Shadow.

How RC Boats Work

These boats are designed in different ways. However, the basic principles that govern their use are the same. Usually, they employ two-channel radios that are made for ground based craft. These devices use a frequency range distinct from those employed in airborne systems.

In RC boats, one channel is run by a left-hand stick. This is typically used for the throttle. The right-hand stick is used for driving the rudder servo.

Like the biggest radio controlled boat, these RC vessels utilize a gear drive system to aid the motor produce additional thrust.

Electric Powered Boats

These are almost always equipped with throttle controls. This allows the vessel to go around in reverse. With a sailboat, a sail winch servo is used instead of the throttle servo. This permits the individual to trim the main sail. This becomes necessary when the wind moves. This is similar to a genuine boat.

The radio compartment is water resistant. This is necessary to shield the electronics within the boat. Prop shafts are installed on the rubber seals. This is necessary to keep the water from getting into the hull.

Other Features

Many RC boats have only two servos, but this is not always the case. A boat with two is also not as limiting as it seems. You can add an automotive windshield washer motor that goes into the water. Connect the other end onto a fire hose.

This allows you to start the boat with the rudder at full left or right. This can make the boat look more realistic. Lighting and sirens can also be installed.


Make sure you examine the hulls before you buy it. For beginners, the deep V hulls are ideal. They are easier to handle and more stable. The catamarans are more difficult to handle. But they are quicker. You should also determine the power source. The choices are nitro or gas. Nitro powered boats are preferred by novices as they are less expensive.

Even if you don’t have the biggest radio controlled boat, you can easily make one with an RC kit. You can buy these online or in stores. There are more models online. But some prefer to buy in stores because they can see the product up close.

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