How Big is a Duck Blind?

Hunting and duck blind sizes can be as small as a shallow depression made by removing dirt on the ground. These can be made along raised areas about 2 feet high, half mile long and 12 ft wide. In other cases, the blind can be as large as a cabin.

What is a Blind?

The blind is a type of cover created by hunters to hide themselves from their prey. Hunters also use blinds to shield themselves from bigger animals. Basic blinds can be made from materials in the woods or forest. There are also synthetic man-made blinds available. These are especially useful against ducks because they can sense danger very easily.


Duck blind sizes vary because they can be made in so many ways. One of the simplest is the hunter clad in camouflage lying on a grassy duck pond. Some hunters also camouflage their hunting weapon. By using a duck call, they can lure the prey into the site. The drawback is the hunter is exposed to the elements.

Usable Materials

Metal sheets, tin, plastic and logs can be used to make blinds. So can twigs and ply board. You can make the blind any size you want. What is important is you use strong material. Using sturdy material ensure the blind will endure. If the blind is big, you can create it at home and transport it to the site.

Factors to Consider

The person’s height and the number of people hunting with them should be accounted for. If there are many persons with you, make the blind big. There should be room for people to move around without making a lot of noise. The shelter must be sturdy enough to shield you against rain and wind.


The blind must have a solid frame. The metal or plywood sheets are applied after the frame has been built. They will make up the roof and walls. Next, an opening has to be made where people can aim and shoot.

Once the shelter is built, camouflage colors can be applied. The hues chosen must match the environment as close as possible. Some sporting goods store sell camouflage netting. Grass can be added to disguise its appearance even more.

When assessing what duck blind sizes to use, think of what items you are going to put there. If you are going to spend the whole day there, you may need some supplies, so make it spacious.

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