What is the Size of a Marshmallow Roasting Stick?

The marshmallow roasting sticks sizes are numerous. Some sticks are 20 inches long, while others are slightly shorter.

How the Sticks are Used

Before you can use these sticks, you need to have barbecue utensils, marshmallows, charcoal tablets, charcoal lighters and some crackers. Now just put a couple of marshmallows on the stick. Make sure the food are securely in place. Grab the stick and set them over the coal of fire. Set the stick about three inches over the fire.

When the marshmallow underside turns brown, turn the stick. Cook the other side. Keep rotating the stick until all the marshmallows are brown. Next, pull the stick away from the fire. Handle these care; they can be very hot.

Wait for the food to cool, and you are done. Some prefer to put the marshmallow halfway to the tip. If you put it in all the way, the cooked portion will turn and face the fire.

Other Useful Info

No matter what marshmallow roasting sticks sizes you pick, make sure they are long enough to fit your needs. If you are going to cook hotdogs on them, get long sticks. You also want a set that is easy to clean.

Homemade Sticks

Some campers use coat hangers as sticks, while others use barbecue forks. No matter what you use, make sure that it is clean. Make certain the stick is sturdy too. You don’t want it to wilt in the face of the heat.

How to Roast Marshmallows with a Light Bulb

If you don’t want to light a fire, you can use a light bulb instead. Get a 100 watt bulb. You can use the bulb on your lamp. Place it on a table. Get your stick and put the marshmallows there. Position the sticks near, but not making contact, with the light bulb.

Turn the stick over a few times. In about five minutes, the marshmallows will be roast. However, it will not have the golden crust look like those cooked on fire.


Regardless of the marshmallow roasting sticks sizes you use, never overcook the marshmallows. Otherwise it will fall from the stick. Do not attempt the fire cooking method indoors.

Do not put a hot stick on the ground. An animal or person may accidentally step on it. You also need to be patient when roasting. It takes a while before the marshmallows can attain its golden brown color.

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