How Big is a Countertop Grill?

People love barbecued food. It is not surprising, therefore, to see that most homes have grills installed either inside their kitchens or outside, nearly where most outdoor parties are held. If you are one of those homemakers who think you cannot make do without the presence of a grill, welcome to the club. It is for you that countertop grills are made.

A Unique Grill Experience

As the name suggests, a countertop grill is a barbecue equipment that can fit into your kitchen counter. It comes in different styles and designs as well as sizes. The best countertop grill is the one that fits perfectly to the needs of the household, the requirements of the cook, and the budget of the buyer.

Size is a good consideration when purchasing your own grill. The units you should be looking at must fit into your allotted space, must fit into the needs of your family in terms of portion sizes, and must fit into your budget.

For regular family meals, the standard countertop grill is ideal. It measures about 360 square inches with a dimension of 24 inches in width and 15 inches in depth. It is pretty big but not big enough for hosting parties. So, how big is a countertop grill that will allow you to feed many mouths? Well, some units can measure up to 1,200 square inches. That’s a lot of space for hamburgers and hotdogs for an exciting barbecue fun.

Aside from the actual size, you must also take note of the number of burners that your grill has. Some countertop grills have two burners while others — the bigger ones of course — would have at least four. The primary burners are used for grilling while the side burners can be used for other cooking methods such as boiling. The back burners are useful if you want to cook in rotisserie style. You may also have additional attachments such a warming rack but make sure that you have space for it.

Countertop grills are available in a variety of prices. If you intend to go for the bigger units, make sure to have enough funds for it. The rule of thumb, when looking for kitchen appliances to purchase is to buy the largest unit that you can afford. That is considering you have ensured enough space to accommodate it. You will never know when it is time for you to host a party. Having a spacious grill gives you the liberty to cook as much as you need and as often as you want.

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