TV Dimensions


These days, there are quite a few television sets to choose from that one may be overwhelmed by the myriad of choices. There are several factors for consideration when deciding on which TV model to get.

Among these necessary factors are the TV dimensions, your budget and the location of your TV. These days, dimensions of television sets run the gamut, from small to extra large.

Your TV size and where you will be placing the television set go hand-in-hand. 

Choosing TV Sizes

TV sizes are determined more by their screen size than anything else. The most popular ones are those that come with a wider screen. However, when it comes to TV dimensions, bigger is not always better.

To determine the appropriate size, you should first look at the distance between you and the TV set. If you have minimal space between the television set and the area where you will be sitting while watching your shows, bigger TVs are not recommended.

Another size determinant is the actual location of the TV. If it’s for a guest room or your kids’ rooms, going with a smaller model is ideal. In the family room or living room; a bigger set is recommended.

Sometimes, there are also TV sets in the kitchen. Again, your best option for a kitchen TV is a smaller model. 

TV Dimensions

To give you rough idea of some of the dimensions popular TV sets come in these days, we have listed a few TV sizes and their dimensions below.

A LED TV that has a 32-inch wide screen approximately measures thirty inches by eleven inches by twenty-two inches. This model is about thirty pounds heavy. 

A 46-inch, High Definition television set meanwhile has approximate measurements of three inches by forty-four inches by 28 inches. This one usually weighs about forty-four pounds. 

If you’re looking into getting a 55-inch television set, the dimensions for a standard TV of this size are fifty-two inches by thirty-one inches. This usually weighs about fifty-one pounds.

A LED 55-inch TV on the other hand measures approximately forty-five inches by twenty-seven inches by about one inch. This one is approximately forty pounds heavy.

There are many other sizes that TVs come in, with the standard ones starting at twenty-six inches and going all the way up to seventy inches. 

The size, model and features play an important role in determining the cost of your TV so it is best to check all the above-given factors to enable you to come-up with a workable budget that you can afford. 

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