What are the Dimensions of a Football Field

The dimensions of a football field are generally the same. However there are some small differences in the other aspects. The measurements for the NFL, college and high school games are outlined below.

NFL Measurements

FootBallFieldDimensionThe field measures 360 ft long (120 yards) and 160 feet wide (53 1/3 yards). The end zone has a depth of 10 yards. The end line border is 6 ft. This is the rear of the end zone. The benches are set at the 30 yard marker along the restraining line.

The field numbers are 6 ft tall with a width of 4 ft. The restraining line measures 6’ by the sides. This is the nearest point where players can get near the field. The hash marks are 70 ft 9 in at the sidelines. It is 18 in 6 in wide.

With these dimensions of a football field, it means the hash marks measure the same as the same as that of the goal posts’ width. The NFL goal posts measure 10 ft tall and 18 ft 6 in wide.

College Football Measurements

As with the NFL, the length is 360 ft (120 yards) and 160 ft wide (53 yards). The NCAA end zone is 10 yards deep. The end line has a 6 ft border line. This denotes the end of the end zone. The field numbers are the same (6 ft tall and 4 ft wide). The collegiate restraining line is 6’.

The dimensions of a football field in college have other similarities to the NFL. The team benches for instance, are also situated between the 30 yard lines.

The hash marks are 40 ft 60 in and commence along the sidelines. This is wider than that used in the pros but narrower than the high school mark. The goal posts are usually 18 ft 6 in total width.

High School Football Measurements

The field measures 360 ft (120 yards) with a width of 160 ft (53 1/3 yards). The end zone also has a depth of 10 ft. The end line has a total length of 6 ft. It is designated the end zone termination point in the dimensions of a football field in high school play.

The field numbers are also 6 ft tall and 4 ft wide. The markers are set every 10 ft. The restraining line is also 6’. As in college and pro levels, the benches are placed in the midst of the 30 yard mark.

The hash marks are 53 ft 4 in wide. This is wider than in the colleges and the pro game. The goal posts in high school games is 19 ft tall and 23 ft and 4 in wide.

Canadian Football (CFL) Field Measurements

Canadian football has a larger field (450 ft or 150 yards) long and 195 ft (65 yards) wide. While the NFL has an end zone of 10 ft, the CFL measures 20 yards. The CFL hash marks are set at 51 ft (17 yards).

The dimensions of a football field may have only subtle variations, but it affects the play a lot. Keep these things in mind when you watch the game and you’ll see how much difference these few inches make.

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