What is the Size of a Pinball?

Pinball is an arcade game that has been around for quite a while now. Size of a PinballYou can find them in a lot of different places. The gaming machine used in this game is obviously called a pinball machine. This is a kind of arcade game that is operated by inserting a coin. The object of the game, as enthusiasts are sure to know, is to score a lot of points.

Game Play and Size of a Pinball

The main objective when playing a pinball machine is to score more points and get bonuses added to your playing time. In order for you to score points, you need to shoot and move one or even more metal balls all over the play area known as the playfield. Do take note that the size of a pinball will vary depending on several factors.

Regular Size of a Pinball

Since there are various types of pinball machines, you can be sure that there will be variations as to the size of a pinball. The regular pinball size will be measured by the diameter of the steel ball that players manipulate. The ordinary size of a pinball will have a diameter of 1 1/16 of an inch. Steel balls of this diameter will generally weigh about 80 grams.

Size of a Powerball vs. Size of a Pinball

In contrast to the regular steel pinballs that you ordinarily see, there is a variant that has earned its own place in this arcade game. And that specialized pinball is called the powerball. Its size will be just the same size as that of a regular steel pinball. Though both types of pinballs have the same diameter the powerball will definitely be lighter than the two. This is due to the type of material used to construct powerballs.

Materials Used for Construction

The difference in weight between steel balls and powerballs is due to the materials used to construct them. We already know that most regular pinballs are made of steel. On the other hand, powerballs are made from ceramic, which makes a single powerball weigh only about 65 grams.

However, remember that there are different types of ceramic thus producing powerballs of various weights. For example, you will surely find powerballs that are made out phenolic. It’s one of the components that are used to construct balls that are used in billiards or pool. Powerballs of the same size but made of this material will only weigh 13.6 grams.

Other Sizes

Pinballs nowadays come in other sizes as well. You have chrome plated balls that are only 1 1/8" in diameter. Pinballs of this size are used for machines that are flipperless. There are also balls that are 3/4 of an inch in diameter that are used for pitch and bat games.

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