Fender Jaguar Dimensions

The Fender Jaguar electric guitar came out in 1962 and became widely used in Surf music. The guitar experienced a revival in popularity during the 1990s as many grunge bands started using it. In 2008 Fender came out with the Classic Player Series Jaguar, updating many features from the original.

Dimensions of the Fender Jaguar Classic Player

The Jaguar measures 44.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches and weighs 15 lbs. Among the features of the guitar are pickups and medium jumbo frets. The pocket cut has been redesigned to give it superior pitch. The trem plate has been placed nearer the bridge to boost the break angle.

There is also an adjusto-matic bridge and bag included. Other features are a 2-position tone switch and S/S pickup configuration. There are side switches for both pickups. The adjusto-matic bridge is equipped with the tremolo lock button and the tremolo tailpiece.

An examination of the dimensions of the Fender Jaguar will show it has a 9.5" (241 mm) fretboard radius. The straplocks are classic strap buttons and it has the classic style tuning. The fret wood is made of rosewood while the neck material is maple.

The guitar has a C shape neck and it has 22 frets. The nut is 42 m (1.650 in) wide. The scale length is 25 inches (610 mm).
There are also variations of the original Jaguar, including the following.

Fender Jaguar Special HH

The body is similar to the typical Jaguar, but it is fitted with a 24" scale length, a couple of Fender designed Dragster humbucking pickups, and chrome knobs. It also comes with the adjusto-matic bridge.

Fender Jaguar Baritone Special HH

Compared to the dimensions of the Fender Jaguar, this one is different owing to its 27” scale length. It is constructed for tuning a 5th below the average guitar. This guitar comes in black with a corresponding black headstock. The hardware is chrome.

Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH

This guitar’s design is patterned after the ones used by famous guitar players like Kurt Cobain. This guitar has a couple of Fender Enforcer hambuckers. The whammy bar tailpiece is set nearer to the bridge. This guitar is constructed in Mexico.

Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom

This guitar has a scale measuring 28.5”. The strings are larger, which is designed to give a tuning lower below the average guitar. The design is a combination of the Fender Bass VI and the Jaguar.

Fender Jaguar Bass

This guitar is a Fender Jazz Bass fitted with the typical Jaguar’s body. This also has the switching mechanisms of the other guitars. The guitar also has the treble controls.

While there are many variants, the original continues to remain popular because it is a body tailed bridge guitar. Its design also
produces a chiming sound that guitar players like.

While the dimensions of the Fender Jaguar have evolved, the features that makes it a sought after instrument has not. Since its resurgence in the 1990s, the Jaguar has maintained its popularity.

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