Air Pacific Carry on Luggage Dimensions

Permissible Air Pacific carry on luggage dimensions are listed below. Bear in mind that the figures can change, so you should get in touch with the airline to be sure.

International Cabin Baggage Regulations

Adults and children in business class are allowed to bring two carry on articles. Their total dimensions must not go beyond 115cm (45in). The weight allowed is 7kg (15 lbs) per piece. In economy class, children and adults may carry a single piece no bigger than 115cm (45in). The maximum weight is 7kg (15 lbs).

For infants the maximum weight allowed for the piece is plus 3kgs (7lbs) for adults that accompany them. The dimensions are obtained by adding the height, depth and width of the piece. Those on transit by way of Apia on flights between Honolulu and Nadi will see all liquid carry on confiscated.

For International Checked Baggage Regulations

Adults and children on business class have a weight allowance of 30kg (66 lbs). In economy class, the weight allowed is 23kg (50 lbs). For infants (below two years), the allowed weight is 10kg (22lbs) + stroller for all classes.

Travel from / to USA and Canada Regulations

Note: these Air Pacific carry on luggage dimensions specs do not include Honolulu. Adults and children in business class are allowed 60kg (132 lbs) weight allowance for their carry on. For economy class it is 23kg (50 lbs). For infants it is 10kg (22 lbs) + stroller for all classes.

Excess Baggage

Baggages have to be labeled inside and out. Your destination contact number, address and name must be included. These labels can be obtained at the check-in, from your travel agent or Air Pacific. There are fees for excess baggage. The charges will be applied if their carry on go over the free ones allowed. There will also be fees if you exceed the maximum number of allowed free pieces.

Items of a large nature (i.e., golf bags or surfboards) are weighed alongside with the luggage of a passenger. If bulky items and the check in luggage exceed 23 kg (50 lbs), the overweight baggage will be charged. If the total weight is 23 kg (50 lbs), the charge will only be applied to the large one.

Air Pacific carry on luggage dimensions rules state that baggage beyond 292cm (115in) in are not going to be allowed. Also note that sharp objects, weapons and devices that may interfere with airline communication are not allowed.

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