Average House Dimensions in UK

The average house dimensions in UK is 91 sq m. This is about 289 ft and 6 inches. Residential homes in the UK are among the smallest in Europe.

Defining House Size in the UK

Description of homes in Britain is usually done by the number of bedrooms rather than physical dimensions. This is impractical of course. A compact 4 bedroom house will be smaller than a luxury 3 bedroom home. If you are going to buy a house there, look at the floor area. This will be in square feet, square meters or both. Knowing the floor size therefore is very important.

Floor Area Comparison

Measurements vary as homes can range from the small to the luxurious. But many new homes conform to the average house dimensions in UK. A typical three bedroom unit will have dimensions of 700 square feet. That is about 72 square meters. With this space, rooms can hold a double bed each. Or you can have an office desk in one room plus a single bed in it.

These homes will have space for a downstairs toilet, a lounge and a main bathroom. Dining rooms and kitchens are usually combined. Some homes measure 900 square feet / 83 square meters. This is big enough to hold a master bedroom. The kitchen and dining room can also be separate.

Other Floor Area Dimensions

There are also homes measuring 1000-1200 square feet / 90-110 square meters. Because the areas are larger, expect to have more room for the kitchen and dining room. The lounges will also be a big bigger. There is also space for an additional bedroom. These dimensions apply mostly in modern homes. Older and ancestral homes are usually much larger.

Other Information

One reason for the prevalence of small homes is the economy. People simply aren’t making enough money to buy large homes. The second is profit. Home developers are building small units so they can produce as many as possible. If you are going to buy a house or build one, take a look at home plan brochures first. Home builders also hold events showcasing their homes. This will give an indication of the size.

The average house dimensions in UK is very small compared to other countries. The size of rooms in their homes is among the smallest in Europe. Overall, homes in Great Britain are less than half the size of average homes in the United States.

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