Full Size Bed Dimensions

Being familiar with Full Size Bed Dimensions requires being familiar with the conventions like names for various bed sizes Full Size Bed Dimensionsand their measurements. This can be very important especially when thinking about headboard sizes and bed sheets. Two of the most popular bed sizes out there are the queen size bed and the full size bed. You should acquaint yourself with the full size bed dimensions if you are out to shop for one.

Defining a Full Size Bed

A full size bed is known in many other places as a double bed. This bed size by comparison is bigger than a single bed or a twin bed. You can say that it is a step up from that size of a bed since a full bed has observably smaller dimensions than that of a queen size bed. Next, we’ll go over the full size bed dimensions.

Understanding the Full Size Bed Dimensions

A full size bed will be 54″ in width and 75″ in length, which you can readily observe as being smaller than a queen bed’s 60″ x 80″ dimensions. A full bed would be a great size if you want to get some extra space for yourself and are not sharing the bed space with anybody. With a full you’ll get a surface area of 4,050 square inches, which is a good deal compared to a queen bed’s 4,800 square inches of space.

Matters of Space

This is a great piece of furniture to sleep on and can be shared even by two people. If you don’t mind only having around 27 inches of width for sleeping space then a full bed can be worth it when you’re out looking for a new bed to buy. The queen bed will have 30″ of sleeping space for each person if two people shared it at night.

The big advantage of the full size bed dimensions comes into play when you arrange it into your room. A full bed isn’t that bulky and can easily be fitted through hallways and doors unlike the king size beds and queen size beds. Another advantage is that since a full bed isn’t that wide, it won’t take up a lot of space inside your room.


A full bed would obviously be a bit more expensive than a single size bed. However, given the full size bed dimensions and the added cost you’re paying, you can say you’re getting much more out of the extra cash you’re paying for. Even if you compare the cost of buying a full size bed, mattresses, and sheets to that of a king size bed it would show that the king bed or even the queen bed will be more expensive considering its size.


A full bed is generally meant for a single occupant. Because of the full size bed dimensions, a couple sharing the space it provides may find it sometimes a bit narrow or even a bit short for a bed to sleep in.

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