IKEA Bed Dimensions

IKEA is a well-known brand of Swedish furniture. In Mainland Europe, this popular brand set its own standard sizes for beds. That should tell you how trusted the brand is.

IKEA Bed Dimensions

Basically, the IKEA bed dimensions are the same standard dimensions that can be found in Mainland Europe and even in some parts of the United Kingdom. Its sizes are not named but are known by their very dimensions. They also do not vary in length but only in width. IKEA beds all have 79 inches of length. But the width varies, to give customers options for space and comfort. The different IKEA sizes are: 31” × 79”, 35” × 79”, 47” × 79”, 55” × 79”, and 63” × 79”.

Guidelines in Choosing your IKEA Bed

Size is the top consideration for many bed shoppers. But when it comes to IKEA, size is not the only thing that matters. There are some other factors that you also need to take note of to ensure that your choice fits your taste and requirement perfectly.

First, there is the consideration on the bed frame. IKEA beds are so varied that it has available frames in high platform, low platform, and everything else in between. When deciding on this factor, you must ask yourself if you want to sit high in your bed or you want it looking hippie low.

You also need to determine whether you like a box spring or some bed slats. While box springs add a classy height to your frame, having some bed slats on the frame is liked by many for better air circulation. It also does not hurt to know that bed slats are far cheaper than the box spring. Then again, this is all about your choice and yours alone. You should be able to figure out what kind of frame you want to sit beneath your mattress.

After deciding on the frame, it is time to choose a mattress. A bed is something so personal that only you alone can determine what kind exactly is perfect from the look to the feel. You should never delegate this task of bed shopping to anyone else. It is highly important that when you do go out scouting for your personal sanctuary, you must wear a pair of shoes that you can take off. You need to have a feel of the bed before you buy. You must be able to try it on. The good news is, IKEA has lots of mattresses in store for you.

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