Water Jet Cutter Dimensions

Waterjet cutting tools have been developed to make inexpensive yet accurate cuts for various materials. The principle behind the machines is simple: water is released from the machine at speeds three times faster than sound. The pressure allows the water to slice through different kinds of materials.

Waterjet Cutter Dimensions: OMAX Model 2626

The footprint is 72″ x 116″ (1829 mm x 2946 mm) and the weight is 3000 lb (1364 kg). It is 92″ (2340 mm) high and has an operating weight of 6517 lb (2962 kg) (with water in tank). The work envelope specs are: the table size is 46″ x 31″ (1168 mm x 787 mm) and the X-Y travel is 29″ x 26″ (737 mm x 660 mm).

The travel can be reduced if accessories are installed. The noise level is under 80 dBA if cutting is submerged. The pump options are 50,000 psi (30 horsepower) or 55,000 psi (40 horsepower). The electrical requirements are 3-Phase, 380-480 VAC ±10%, 50-60 Hz. The speed is 180 inches per minute standard (4572 mm/min).

Based on the waterjet cutter dimensions, the accuracy of motion at 70 F is as follows: backlash 0.0007″ max (0.018 mm); ball bar circularity (over 12″); straightness 0.0017″ per ft (0.14 mm/m) and squareness 0.0013″ per ft (0.11 mm/m.


The waterjet cutter can be used to cut different kinds of materials, but they are mostly used with flat sheets, stone tile, steel, aluminum and plastic. Abrasives like sand or garnet is included to make cutting more effective. The more powerful the waterjet is, the more deeply it can cut. Some waterjet cutters can cut 10 inch thick steel.


Machine designs vary, but many share similar parts. The centerpiece of most systems is the pump which boosts the tank water pressure to 4,200 Kg/cm2 (60,000 pounds per square inch) or more. The material to be sliced is set on a table. The X-Y system (a robotic arm) handles the jet of water being released.

The water stream produced is a very narrow 0.03 inches. This allows the water to slice more effectively than other cutting equipments. Most of today’s waterjet systems are managed by computer systems.

The waterjet cutter dimensions, design and affordability have made them a good choice in many industrial projects. Another advantage of the water jet cutter is that it produces very little heat. Note however, that materials like paper and wood will not be used.

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