How Big are Oven Mitts?

Oven mitts are an essential kitchen tool because they provide you with just the right protection when handling hot pans or dishes. These are not restricted to ovens alone, these are actually more commonly used for pots and pans heated over the stove.

How Big are Oven Mitts?

Oven mitts usually come in sizes that reach up to a several inches above wrists to provide ample protection for your hand and arm especially when reaching inside the oven to get your newly-baked dish.

Now, if you wish to know the exact measurements, you should know that there are two general sizes for these mitts: Adults and Kids.

Adult Oven Mitts

For oven mitts that are designed for adults, these are generally around 17 inches in length by 6 inches in width. There is likewise a slightly version of this which is about 15.5 inches in length but with the same width of 6 inches.

Other sizes for adult oven mitts include 13 inches in length by 7.5 inches in width by 0.5 inches in thickness; and 15.75 inches long by 6.5 inches wide by 0.5 inches thick.

If you love animals, you will be glad to know that there are adult-sized oven mitts shaped into different kinds of animals such as a cow, cat and moose. Depending on the animal design, lengths of animal-shaped oven mitts may vary.

For instance, oven mitts that are shaped like the head of a moose, are generally around ten inches in length only while an oven mitt shaped like the head of a cow is about an inch longer, making it 11 inches in length.

Kid-Sized Oven Mitts

If your kids love helping in the kitchen and they particularly love to bake goodies with you, there are kid-sized oven mitts to keep their hands protected as well.

How Big are Oven Mitts Suitable for Kids?

Basically, oven mitts that are ideal for kids measure about 9 inches in length by 5.5 inches in width by 0.5 inches in thickness. A slightly wider version is about 6 inches wide, with the same length and thickness of 9 inches and 0.5 inches, respectively.

The diameter of the entry point for these mitt sizes are usually about 3 inches.

When choosing oven mitts, whether for you or for the kids, choose those that are labeled as “flame retardant” so you can be sure that the mitts will not catch fire.

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