Standard Pool Table Dimensions

Billiards or pool is a popular game specifically in Europe and North America, where cue sticks and colored balls are used to play the sport.

There are different kinds of billiard games being played around the world today and these games almost always have specifications regarding dimensions of the billiard or pool table.

There are also basically two ways to play a pool game: singles or doubles. Again, these play a significant role in determining the dimensions of the pool table.

Standard Pool Table Dimensions

According to regulations specified by the World Pool-Billiard Association there are 2 table sizes that are acceptable for tournament play are the 9-foot and 8-foot tables.

Standard dimensions for a 9-foot pool table are four and one-half feet in width by nine feet in length. Dimensions for the playing surface are 100 inches by fifty inches or two hundred and fifty-four centimeters by one hundred and twenty-seven centimeters. This has a ratio of 2:1.

An 8-foot table on the other hand, has dimensions of four and a quarter feet in width by eight and one-half feet in length with a playing surface of ninety-two inches by forty-six inches. This is about 233.67 centimeters by 116.84 centimeters.

Other Pool Table Sizes

Pool tables found in pubs are usually the four feet by eight feet variety. Playing surface for this is forty-four inches by eighty-eight inches. There is a smaller variety which in this case, is usually found in homes for personal entertainment.

This is the 7-foot variety and it measures approximately three and one-half feet by seven feet with a playing surface of approximately seventy-six inches by thirty-eight inches although you may also find a playing surface of about thirty-nine and one-half inches by seventy-nine inches.

Carom Billiards

There is another form of billiards that is being played in bars and pubs and this is called the carom billiards. Otherwise known as carambole billiards, this game was first played back in the 18th century in France and it uses a kind of pool table that has no pockets.

Dimensions for a carom pool table are five feet by ten feet or approximately one and one-half meters by three meters. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by careening a player’s cue ball against his or her opponent’s cue ball and object balls in one shot.

As in other billiards games, carom billiards also has several varieties of play including artistic billiards, cushion carom, 3-cushion billiards and straight rail.

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