Table Tennis Dimensions

Also called by other names such as ping pong and wiff waff, table Beijing Olympics Table Tennis Womentennis is a very exciting sport that makes use of rackets, a table and a hallow ball as equipment. Founded since 1926, the game is currently governed by the International Table Tennis Federation or the ITTF. Although it was played first in the 1880s, it only became an Olympic sport in 1988. For a better understanding of the game, it is important to learn the dimensions of table tennis equipment.

Dimensions of Table Tennis Equipment

The table, ball and rackets are part of the basic equipment for this game. Based on the rules set by the ITTF, the table must by 9 feet or 2.74 meters long, 5 feet or 1.525 meters wide and 30 inches or 76 centimeters high. Meanwhile, the net must be 6 inches or 15.25 centimeters high. According to international rules, the ball used in this sport must have a diameter of 40 millimeters, which is a bit bigger than the original 38-millimeter balls. Likewise, it must only weigh 2.7 grams.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

After the Olympic Games in 2000, the ITTF decided to introduce the 40-millimeter ball, which is slightly bigger than the previous standard of 38 millimeters. This change was faced with controversy, particularly when the Chinese National Team claimed that the change was intended to provide non-Chinese competitors better chances of winning. Research showed that the new standard spins less and is slower than the old standard.

The ball has a matte finish, which usually comes with an orange or white color. The ball is made up of celluloid, which is filled with high bouncing gas. It is better to use white-colored balls on the blue and green tables than on gray-colored tables. The table is usually made from a specific type of hardboard called a Masonite. In case this material is not available, a timber with low-friction and smooth coating can serve as a good alternative.

No one can deny the success of Chinese players in international table tennis competitions. Since 1959, Chinese players dominated the World Championships for men. One the other hand, the World Championships for women were dominated by Chinese players as well, which always won since 1971 except in two separate occasions. Aside from the ITTF, there are other national bodies responsible for governing the game in various parts of the world including the USA Table Tennis in the United States, the Canadian Table Tennis Association in Canada as well as the Irish Table Tennis Association in Ireland.

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