High School Soccer Field Dimensions

The high school soccer field dimensions given here is the one used in the United States. Other countries may use other sizes. The fact is that soccer fields can be much larger than these.

The Field Size for High and Junior School

For junior, the soccer field measures 100 x 55 yards and for high school it is 110 x 65 yards. The sizes used may vary with some schools by a few yards. Whatever the discrepancies may be, the length should not go beyond 120 yards. The playing area must be rectangular in shape.

The soccer pitch measures 80 yards. But for international matches, the field should measure 100 m or 110 yards. The maximum width of the pitch ranges from 110 m or 120 yards. In high school soccer field dimensions, the goals have to be placed in the middle of the goal line.

The distance of the posts has to be 8 yards or 7.32 m. The distance of the crossbar’s low edge to the surface needs to be 8 ft. The depth and width of the goalposts must be the same. They cannot be more than 5 inches. The goals have to be secured to the ground for safety considerations.

Boundary Lines and Half Lines

High school soccer play is marked by field lines. The long boundary lines are known as touch lines. The shorter lines are called the goals lines. The lines cannot be 3 to 5 inches wide.

When setting up high school soccer field dimensions, the half line has to be considered. This is the line that separates the field into two opposing halves. The midpoint can be identified by the center mark. The midpoint is surrounded by a circle with a radius of 10 yards.

The Goal Area and Other Measurements

The goal area is determined at the end of the field. Two lines are illustrated at right angles until the goal line. The lines are set 6 yards from the interior of the posts. The lines extend from the playing field up to 6 yards.

These are connected by a parallel line to the goal line. The high school soccer field dimensions state the penalty line must have two lines at right angles onto the line of the goal.

These lines are set 18 yards from the interior of the goal post. The lines extend into the playing field for 18 yards. From the corner a quarter circle can be seen. This circle has a radius of a yard.

A harsh mark measuring 1 yard is set about six inches from the playing area. It is 11 yards away from the touch line. The corner flag should be set in the post and not be more than 5 ft high. The top cannot be pointed. The flags are placed in the corners. The staff is 1.5 inches thick.

To sum it up, most high school soccer field dimensions are smaller than those used for professional matches. But many schools may use sizes closer to those used by the pros.

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