Desk Sizes

When it comes to choosing desks, one of the first things that you need to consider before making a purchase is the size of the desk that you are looking to get.

Now, before you can determine the exact desk size that you need, you first have to know the measurements of the space where you will be installing your desk.

After you have determined the size, the next thing you want to look at is the type of desk. Will it be an office desk, computer desk, study desk or a simple table with no additional compartments?

Desk Types and Desk Sizes

Executive Desks

These types of desks are usually found inside the rooms of the company officers, executives or those holding managerial positions. The size of these desks is such that they can usually hold computer monitors, tabletop file organizers and other office desk paraphernalia.

Some of the common sizes for these desks include 68.25 inches in width by 32 inches in depth by 29 inches in height. A smaller version of this type of desk usually measures around 60 inches in width by 32 inches in depth by 29 inches in height.

Home or Office Computer Desks

There are several types of computer desks that you can now find in the market. Basically, you can use standard computer desks for both your home and the office.

For a computer desk with a CPU stand attached on the side, you can find this in dimensions of 32 inches in height by 29.5 inches in depth by 29.5 inches in width, with the CPU stand attachment measuring about 11 inches in width by 20 inches in depth by 15 inches in height.

Training Room Desks

Training room desks do not usually have drawers or compartments. These are your typical flat table ideal for taking down notes or reading training manuals and other training literature.

This type usually measures about 42 inches in width by 30 inches in depth by 29 inches in height.

Standard Study Desk

This type of desk is ideal for your child’s study room or even bedroom. Having a specific study desk at home will help create an atmosphere conducive to studying.

A standard study desk without drawers, compartments and other additional features usually measure about 26 up to 32 inches in height by 22 inches in depth by 27 inches in width.

This size can hold several books at a time plus a few other study materials such as notebooks, pens and paper.

All of the above-mentioned desk sizes and types are just some of the common desks that you can find today. There are plenty of other styles and designs with their specific dimensions, that you can choose from.

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