Mistletoe Sizes

Mistletoes are a popular symbol for Christmas. These are typically used as holiday decorations at home, either hanging by the doorway or as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Whether you want to hang them in your tree or you want to have these waiting for your guests by the doorway, you can find different mistletoe sizes to suit your purpose.

A typical mistletoe that you can hang by the door is about eight inches in diameter while a mistletoe tree ornament measures between 1.96 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in diameter.

Mistletoe Light Balls

If you want a bigger mistletoe Christmas décor, you can get Christmas balls with mistletoe designs and you can hang these as your centerpiece in the living room, where you can hang them by the ceiling for your lighting fixture for the holidays.

These mistletoe balls also come in various sizes usually around eighteen to fifty-one inches in height and 12 inches in width.

Mistletoe Crystals

For elegant-looking mistletoes, you can find mistletoes adorning the top of different crystal shapes, from oval to pine cone shape; and these can likewise be hung on doorways as well as windows.

These usually come in dimensions of 5 inches long, 5 inches wide and a total height of 7 inches.

Mistletoe Symbolism

This plant is a popular symbol for the holiday season because it embodies the Christmas spirit of love as well as goodwill. It is also said that this plant was used in ancient traditions to keep evil spirits away. Twigs of this plant are hung by the door to ward evil spirits off.

Kissing Under Mistletoes

The tradition of kissing under mistletoes may be attributed to the Washington Irving classic, “The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon” where the author describes in one part of the book how males are given the privilege of kissing females found standing under the mistletoe.

The book first came out in 1820 and it is believed that kissing under mistletoes has since been practiced.

These days, men who are smitten by certain women also take this opportunity to kiss their object of affection during the holidays. The tradition may well be attributed as well to the abovementioned symbolism of mistletoes, which is love.

Women on the other hand, also take this opportunity to be kissed by the object of their affection by standing under the mistletoe.

This is why hanging a mistletoe in homes will not only serve as an excellent Christmas decoration but also adds to the fun and enjoyment of the holiday spirit with the kissing tradition.

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