Volleyball Court Dimensions

Volleyball is one of the fun and exciting sports that many people love to play. It combines highly interesting rules,Volleyball Court fast-paced action and super exciting game play. The place wherein players compete is called a volleyball court. For better understanding of this sport, people must know its different important aspects and rules. More so, it is also good to learn more about the different volleyball court dimensions.

Dimensions of Volleyball Court

The official length of the volleyball court is 59 feet or 18 meters. In terms of width, every court must measure 29.5 feet or 9 meters. The court is divided in half by a net. Each side is 9 meters wide and 9 meters long. The net is primarily a meter wide. In men’s competition, the preferred height of the net is 2.43 meters at the center. On the other hand, women’s competition requires the height of the net to be set at 2.24 meters.

The so-called attack line must be 3 meters away from the net, one for each side of the court. Extra space is provided on every side of the playing court. In both ends, players of each team can go as much as 3 to 8 meters further from the end lines. Sideways, they can extend their play for up to 3 to 5 meters.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Details

Authored by then-YMCA Physical Education Director William G. Morgan, the original rules of the game stated that the height of the net was supposed to be 1.98 meters. In terms of size, the original size of the volleyball court measured 7.6 meters wide on both ends and 15.2 meters on both sides. Established in 1947, the Federation Internationale de Volleyball or FIVB is the highest governing body for this particular sport. It was played initially within the City of Holyoke in Massachusetts.

This sport was considered officially as an Olympic game some time in 1964. In most countries, this game is played indoors, although some locations in the world consider it an indoor/outdoor sport. Each team must have six players at most and must occupy half of the playing court. Some of the basic aspects of the game include digging, blocking and attacking. Furthermore, players also need to learn how to set, pass as well as serve the ball.

Just like any other sport, this one has its own set of fun, challenging and highly exciting rules. When playing this game, it is important to remember what moves to avoid including four consecutive hits for a single team, the so-called double hit and throwing the ball.

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