Fastest Dolphin

Dolphins are marine animals that belong to the same scientific order which is Cetacea. Whales and porpoises also belong to this scientific order.

While dolphins do live in the waters of the seas, they are not fishes because they do not have gills that will enable them to breathe underwater.

They breathe in air through the help of their lungs. They are social marine mammals usually living with one dozen or so other dolphins.

But they can be aggressive as well – mostly between males of the species. They are fast swimmers, too; traveling at approximately twenty kilometers per hour at the very least.

What is the Fastest Dolphin in the World?

The Killer Whale is considered as the fastest dolphin in the world. Also known as orca, this dolphin belongs to the Family Delphinidae which are oceanic dolphins.

While they are commonly known as whales, by genetics, they are dolphins. There are five other dolphin species with whales in their names that belong to this family: Melon-Headed Whale, Pygmy Killer Whale, False Killer Whale, Long-Finned Pilot Whale and Short-Finned Pilot Whale.

The Killer Whale can swim up to a speed of 56 kilometers per hour or over thirty knots. This makes them among the fastest marine animals in the world.

Physical Appearance

These dolphins have a distinct black and white color – black on their backs and white on their chests and sides. There is also a white spot distinctly visible behind its eyes.

Their bodies are more robust and quite heavier when compared to other dolphins. Male Killer Whales can grow between six to eight meters or about 19 feet and 8.22 inches up to 26 feet and 2.96 inches.

Female Killer Whales on the other hand can grow between 5 to 7 meters or about 16 feet and 4.85 inches up to 22 feet and 11.59 inches.

Their size, partnered with their strength, is actually what helps them swim at a faster speed than most other dolphins.

When a male Killer Whale grows almost 6 feet long, his dorsal fin is double the size compared to a female’s.

As for their senses, Killer Whales have a sharp sense of hearing and they have excellent eyesight as well both above and under water.

Life Span

Females live longer than their male counterparts. On average, females live up to fifty years of age; while their maximum age is between eighty to ninety years.

Male Killer Whales on the other hand, live up to an average age of twenty-nine years; with a maximum age of fifty to sixty years.

However, Killer Whales in captivity live only an average of twenty-five years.

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