How Big is a Kitty Box?

A kitty box, more commonly known as a litter box, provides a dedicated space for your cat, dog and even bunny to defecate and urinate in. With this box, you no longer need to worry about following the smell to scoop up the surprise your pet has left for you.

There was a time when the litter box came in just a simple design – rectangular box where you put litter in and then train your pets to go to it each time they feel like urinating or defecating.

Today, this box comes in many different designs, styles and with various features as well.

How Big is a Kitty Box?

First-time cat owners may have a hard time deciding on which kitty box to get. You basically have two choices for a litter box: one that is of the simple tray style and one that comes with a cover.

So to determine the size of a kitty box, you will have to consider the style of the box that you will be getting.

Tray-Type Kitty Box

This may be considered as the traditional type of litter box where you put the litter in, wait for the cat to do his thing and then you scoop up the feces or the dirtied litter.

Now, for the tray-type, you also have two choices: disposable or non-disposable. For the disposable type, you can find this in sizes of the following measurements: 17.2 inches in length by 12.3 inches in width by 3.2 inches in height; and 19 inches long by 12 inches wide by 4 inches high.

For the non-disposable type, you can find in these measurements: 27.5 inches in length by 19 inches in width by 7 inches in height.

Litter Box with Cover

For this type of kitty box, there are two common shapes that you can find in the market are oval and square. An oval-shaped kitty box of this kind may come in measurements of 17.5 inches in diameter by 18 inches in height.

The square-shaped variety on the other hand, 19 inches in width by 31 inches in length by 9 inches in height.

This type of kitty box provides your pet with a bit of privacy while they’re doing their thing. Also, this kitty box contains the smell of the urine and the feces so you won’t have your house reeking of cat waster odor.

You can check online for all types of kitty boxes and these may come in much more affordable rates as compared to those you will find in land-based pet essentials stores.

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