Bed Bug Size of Infestation

Bed bug infestation is one of the most challenging things you have to deal with in your household. The size of infestation will determine the pest control type of management to use.

The first step in eliminating bed bugs is basically determining how big the infestation currently is.

Looking Through Cracks and Crevices

Bed bugs seek refuge in cracks and crevices. They often thrive in cracks in electrical outlets, in between base boards and picture frames, under the base boards, in the creases of mattresses and carpets, and in the box spring of beds and sofas.

To establish an infestation, you have to examine those usual hubs and look for a tiny crawling insect that is either white, tan, brown, orange, or dark red in color. Bed bugs changes in size and color at every different stage. An adult bug, which is about ¼ inch long, is comparative to the size of the seeds of jalapeno peppers. It is also the same size of sunflower seeds. It is also a bit smaller than an apple seed.

There are some things you have to establish upon examining whether or not the insect you are inspecting is a bed bug. That includes the color, some blood spots, and excrement or cast skins. Adult bed bugs are naturally brown in color. They change into a deep shade of red, however, after they feed on blood via their unsuspecting host.

Make sure that a flashlight is ready when you inspect dark places in your room or house for a bed bug infestation. It will help you see through the dark harborages. Aside from a flashlight, you must also have a vacuum cleaner ready. Inspection with vacuum cleaning is an effective first step in exterminating these unwelcome houseguests.

What to Do Next?

If you get a sample of an insect infesting your home, ask the advice of a professional pest control officer. He will be able to determine whether or not it is bed bug that has invaded your home. He will also help you look through the traces and measure how big the infestation currently is.

Killing bed bugs can be done by using some chemicals. It would also help if you vow to keep a clean home from now on. Wash your beddings in warm water and dry them completely before re-installing.

Also, be very careful when you travel. Most bed bug infestations start from hotel rooms and other accommodation facilities. If you are checking into a hotel, be careful where you lay your things.

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