How big is a 4 Month Old Kitten

Kittens grow and develop differently mostly due to the amount of food they take each day. However, there are general guidelines to help cat owners determine if their kittens are growing as they should or whether the kitten is bordering on becoming either underweight or overweight.
How Big is a 4-Month Old Kitten?
One way to determine the average age of your kitten is by checking its weight. While this may not be a foolproof way of knowing the exact age of your kitten, it does give you a general idea of the age range of your kitten.
Veterinarians have come up with a basic chart listing down the age in months or weeks of a kitten and the corresponding average weight. You may use the chart as a reference guide to find out how young your kitten is.
Since kittens generally increase their weight from three-fourths of a pound up to a pound per month, until they are about ten months old; a four-month old kitten should have an average weight of four pounds.
Anything less than four pounds could already be considered underweight while something that is way over four pounds may already be deemed as overweight.
Using a Scale to Determine a Kitten’s Age
With the general idea that a kitten gains about a pound every month, you can take your kitten’s weight and compare this with the information given in the general guidelines to find out just how old your kitten is.
It is recommended that you use a postal scale since it basically gives more accurate weight measurements as compared to your regular bathroom or kitchen scales.
With this scale, you can easily check your kitten’s weight in both ounces and pounds units of measurements. 
Simply put your kitten on top of the scale and record its weight. You may want to take several weight measurements to make sure that you are getting your kitten’s average weight.
Typically, a newborn kitten will weigh about three to three and one-half ounces. Compare the measurements you have just taken with this newborn average weight as well as against the corresponding age based on weight in the general weight guidelines that you can find on the internet. 
You may also take regular weight measurements of your kitten to see if it continuously increases in weight. This will help you determine if your kitten is developing as it should or if you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to address weight and development issues.

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