Parrots Average Size

With 372 species spread in 86 genera, it will be very difficult to give the average size of parrots. ParrotsThe smallest is the Pygmy parrot in the South Pacific; it is 3 ½ in long. The biggest is the Hyacinth Macaw which is over 3 feet long. The following is a size comparison of some of the species.

African Grey Amazons

The Blue Front is 15” long on the average, while the Dbl yellow-head is 14”. The Lilac-crowned is 12” long. The Red-lored is 13”, the Spectacled and Yellow Naped are 15” and the Brown Headed is 9” long. On the average, African Grey Amazons are 9” to 14” inches in length.


The Blue Crown is 16” long on the average while the Dusky Fair is 11”. The Half Moon is 9.5”, the Jenday, 12”, the Sun, 12” and the Gold, 11”. The Nanday is 14” while the size of parrots of the Green Cheeked variety is 10”. The Peach Front is 10” and the Orange Front 9”.


The Black-capped is 12”, the Blue Streaked is 11” and the Chattering 12”. By contrast, the Green Naped parrot is 10” and the Rainbow 10”.


The Blue and Gold macaw is 34”, while the Catalina is 34”. The Green-winged is also 34” in length, as is the Harlequin. The Hyacinth parrot is 39”. The Military is 27” and the Scarlet is 34”.

Mini Macaws

Hahn’s is 12” long, while Illeger’s is 16-17”. The Noble parrot measures 14”. The Severe is 19”, the Yellow-Collared is 17” and Meyer’s 9”.


The sizes of parrots in the Alexandrine/Ringneck varieties average 23”. Bourke’s is 8” while the Derbyan is 20”. The Lineolated is 6” in length while the Mustached is 12”. The Plum Headed is 13” long.


The Green Rumped is 5”. The Pacific parrot is also 5” in length. The Mexican is 5”.


The Blue Headed is 12” long; the Bronze Winged is 11” and the Dusky Headed is 10”. The Maximilian measures 12”, while the White Capped is 9”.

Other Parrot Species

The Brown Headed is 9”long, while the Budgie parrot ranges from 7” to 10”. The Caique is 9.5”. The Cape / Un-Cape is 13”; the Cockatiels are also 13”and the Cockatoos 12 to 18”. The sizes of parrots belonging to the Eclectus species vary from 12” to 14”.

The Hawk-headed is 12”, while Jardine’s is 12”. The Lovebirds measures 6”; the Quaker is 13”; the Red-Bellied ibis is 9” and the Senegal 9” long.


The diet of parrots consists of insects, pollen, seeds and buds. The biggest part of their diet is the seeds. This is clearly indicated by the bill; the size of the bill evolved from the need to burrow and consume seeds. In some cases, it may seem that parrots are eating fruits. However what the parrot is actually doing is looking for the seeds.

The sizes of parrots given here are not applicable in all situations. The breeding and environment can affect the length of the birds as well as their diet.

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