Dimensions of a Dog House

Dog house sizes are categorized as small, medium or large. Dog HouseBut because dog houses come in different designs, small, medium and large dimensions are not standardized.

Suggested Dog House Dimensions

Dog breeds are numerous and the following is only for a select few. Determine the size of your dog and pick the most appropriate one. Also keep in mind that even the dog types mentioned here come in different sizes and shapes.

For Toy Poodles and small Terriers with 10” shoulders (12” when sitting): the sleeping area should be 15” x 24”; the hall area is 11” x 15’; combined sleeping and hall area is 15 x 35”. The ceiling height should be 14”, the doorway should be 7” square and the roof 25 x 48”. If a platform will be used it should be 25 x 48”.

Dog house sizes for Beagles (12” shoulder; 14” sitting) are as follows. Sleeping area: 16 x 27”; hall area: 12 x 16”; joined sleeping and hall area: 16 x 39”. The ceiling should be 16”, the doorway 8” square and the roof 26 x 54”. The platform is 26 x 54”.

For Cocker Spaniels (16” shoulders; 18” sitting), the sleeping area is 18 x 31”. For the hall area: 12 x 18”; joined sleeping and hall area: 18 x 43”; the ceiling height is 20”; the doorway should be 9” square and the roof 34 x 62”.

Other Dog House Sizes

For Dalmatians (20” shoulders; 23” sitting), the sleeping area must be 20 x 36”; the hall area is 12 x 20” and the joined sleeping and hall area is 20 x 48”. The ceiling should be 25”, the doorway 10” square, the roof 36 x 72” and the platform 36 x 72”.

For Golden Retrievers and Collies, (24” shoulders; 27” sitting), the sleeping area needs to be 22 x 39”, the hall area is 14 x 22” and the sleeping / hall area 22 x 53”. The ceiling should be 30” and the doorway 11” square. The roof should be 38 x 78” and the platform 38 x 78”.

The dog house size for the St. Bernard (28” shoulder; 32” sitting) are as follows: the sleeping area: 25 x 43”; the hall area should be 16 x 25”; combined hall and sleeping area is 25 x 59” and the ceiling 36”. The doorway should be 12” square and the roof 41 x 36”. The platform must be 41 x 86”.

Other Facts to Consider

The rule of thumb is the dog house’s height should be at least 4 inches taller than the animal itself. In terms of space, there should be enough for it to lie down, turn, get in and out. If you’re still unsure, go to a dog house store and ask for some advice.

When picking dog house sizes, bigger isn’t always better. If you live in cold areas, extra large doghouses will make the animal feel cold. If you want more space, just add a couple of inches to the recommended sizes mentioned above.

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