How Small is a Tamagotchi?

The concept behind the Tamagotchi is to give you the opportunity to take care of a virtual pet. While there are many variants and new features now, the basic set up of the game has not changed much.

Tamagotchi Dimensions: Connection V 4.5 Original Virtual Pet – Asian Invasion

Connection V 4.5 weighs 6.4 ounces. The Friend List feature lets you keep up to 45 characters. The device lets you play single and double player games. Characters can go to their friends and hand them presents. The type of character you get depends on how effectively the pet is taken care of.

The Connection V 4.5 toy is compatible with the World of Tamagotchi Town at the company’s website. This allows you to get more out of the game. Connection V 4.5 comes with 20 brand new characters, three new career choices and five games.

Just like other Tamagotchi toys, this is small enough to fit in your pocket. This will let you carry the toy wherever you go.

Tamagotchi Dimensions: Connection V 5- Celebrity Familitchi G

The Connection V 5- Celebrity Familitchi G measures 2 x 6 x 8 inches. Just like the other Tamagotchi models, this has a friends list good for up to 45 characters. Connection V 5 lets you play several games.

You can play single and double players. The Connection V 5- Celebrity Familitchi G comes with all the elements of the other Familitchi G games. Here you have the chance of raising a family.

Your performance will be based on how well you raise the children with different likes, dislikes and traits. If the children are reared properly, they will become rich or famous.

Tamagotchi Dimensions: Music Star Ver 6 Scarlet Melody

The Music Star Ver 6 Scarlet Melody measures 8 x 1 x 6 inches and weighs 8 ounces. The game allows you to rear the Tamagotchi and become a famous musician. You can create a band using the twenty musical instruments included in the game.

The game is compatible with other V6 Tamagotchi games. By raising the kid right, the child will turn into a star. When the character becomes an adult, they can join a group. There are eight brand new games included here.

Tamagotchi Dimensions: Music Star Ver 6 Techno Groove

The Music Star Ver 6 Techno Groove measures 8 x 1 x 6 inches. Here, kids can raise the Tamagotchi to become a music icon. As the Tamagotchi reaches adulthood, they can form a band and play.

There are forty characters, eight games and twenty musical instruments included. The toy comes with IR capabilities so it can be used with other Tamagotchis. You can also download more info from the company website.

A pause feature is included in the device as well. Just hold down A and push down B. The sounds can also be turned off.

While the Tamagotchi dimensions differ, the basic concepts are the same. Just like other Tamagotchis, the new versions will provide hours of fun.

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