Hutch Sizes

A hutch usually has a low cupboard with open shelves at the top. While this is the typical design, there are now several variants. This furniture can be used as decoration for a room in the house or as a piece of office furniture.

Hutch Dimensions: Liso Hutch for Desk

The Liso Hutch for Desk is 42 inches long, 7.7 niches wide and is 5.9 inches high. The desk has two drawers. The drawers have stainless steel pull. It is made of solid wood. The unit has an Espresso finish.

The hutch can be used for clearing up your work space. The Liso Hutch for Desk can be used to maximize the work space, increasing productivity. The hutch requires some assembly but it comes with the tools needed to put the whole thing together.

This hutch is ideal for use with a computer desk. There is room to store office supplies, including a laptop.

Hutch Dimensions: Prepac Sonoma Maple

The Prepac Sonoma hutch is 48 inches wide, 13 inches high and 11.5 inches deep. The hutch is constructed from composite laminated wood. There are four shelves included, all of them adjustable.

This can be set on a computer desk and used to store supplies. CDs, books and folders can be put in it. The Prepac Sonoma can be used as a bookcase. Aside from books, collectibles may be stored there.

The hutch is installed using the Prepac two-railing system. The unit can be used for the children’s room as well as for decoration. Because it is compact, the hutch can fit in even small spaces.

Hutch Dimensions: Simmons Furniture Valencia

The Simmons Furniture Valencia combo hutch measures 58.5 x 13.2 x 44.6 inches. It has one permanent shelf with cubbies. There is also a detachable shelf included.

The combo hutch is made from hardwood and comes with multi step finishes. The back panels are screwed on, and the edges are rounded off. This hutch is designed to complement a combo dresser. The hutch legs have screws.

If your flooring is uneven, you can adjust the screws until the hutch becomes even. The color is black cherry. The Simmons Furniture Valencia combo hutch needs to be assembled.

Hutch Dimensions: Stork Craft Beatrice

The Stork Craft Beatrice combo hutch measures 51 x 5 x 23 inches. This unit is designed to work along with the Beatrice Combo Tower. The hutch is constructed of wood and wood composite.

It has a non-toxic finish. The hutch can be assembled via cam-lock. The drawers have a safety stop and it also has wooden pulls. This can be used for storing baby accessories and other items.

After it is assembled, the piece can be put on the dresser. The shelves are spacious enough to hold several books. The top of the hutch can be used to display decorations.

The proper hutch dimensions will depend on how much stuff you will be putting there. Also keep in mind that these are used in conjunction with desks. If the product allows, screw it on the desk / dresser so it stays put.

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