Mailbox Sizes

Known as a receptacle commonly installed in business establishments and private residences to get mails, a mailbox has different styles as well as colors. A mailbox has four primary designs, which include a box installed outside the house as well as a slot in a door where the mails are delivered. For the sake of uniformity, standards for the sizes of mailbox are introduced. Discussed in this article are the different mailbox sizes.

The Sizes of Mailbox

The European standards of a mailbox are important to avoid confusion and problems with the delivery of mails. Letter boxes should be able to hold C4 envelopes with a height of 40 millimeters. It is important that the boxes have a slot that can hold an envelope size with a length of 229 millimeters and a width of 324 millimeters without damaging or bending. The aperture height of the box should be around 325 millimeters to 400 millimeters while the aperture width must be 230 millimeters to 280 millimeters. The mounting height of the mailbox must be around 0.7 to 1.7 millimeters. Finally, the materials that would be used for the box must be resistant to corrosion.

The United States Postal Service also introduces general standards for the boxes. The height of the box from the road surface should be 1066.8 millimeters to 1219.2 millimeters. The distance of the mailbox door to the curb face is around 1828.800 to 2438.4 millimeters.

The postal service also approves two styles and three standards for the letterboxes. The approved styles are the traditional style and the contemporary style. The first set of standards allows people to have a mailbox that has a length of 5638.8 millimeters. The width of the box should be 1524 millimeters and the height is 1828.800.

The second set of standards of letter boxes should have the dimensions of 5943.6 millimeters x 1828.800 millimeters x 2133.6 millimeters. The third set of standards for the boxes allows people to have letter boxes with the dimensions of 6858 millimeters x 2438.4 millimeters x 3505.200.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

To secure mails and to avoid identity thefts, the United States Postal Service advised people to install locks in their mailboxes. Electronic lock systems are advised when installing centralized mail boxes. Additionally, it is also important that the mailboxes are made from materials that are resistant to vandalism. Some of the materials that can be used for the boxes are aluminum plate as well as a heavy gauge steel.

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