Size of a Closet


A closet is a cabinet or some other enclosed area used for storing clothes. It can also be used for general storage. A closet can be used to store food but in this case it would be called a pantry. In some countries closets are called armoire or wardrobe. 

Size of a Closet 

Closet dimensions vary widely. Unlike other areas in the house, building codes do not set standards for closet depth and width. Although some coat hangars are 14” long, majority of hangars sold are 19” long. 

If you are storing winter clothes the closet should be 30 inches deep minimum. In fact the 30 inches is may not be adequate because many closet rods are 12 inches from the back wall. 

If you don’t have any very thick clothes, a 24 inch deep closet will be sufficient. For some items, the 22 inch deep closet will be all right too. But for some people that may be too shallow.

Other designers use different closet dimensions. Some make a closet 27 inches front to back and 40 inches wide at least. 

Design Considerations

You can go with the depth and width suggested above, but you can use other dimensions depending on what you’re going to put there. The important thing is to make certain the door opening is in the middle. You should have about 4” for framing both closet door sides. 

For a 3’ foot door, the widths are typically 38 inches. If it’s a double sliding 4’ closet door, it should be 49 inches. If the double door is 5’ the width is usually 59 inches. A 6’ double door should be 71 inches wide. 

Whatever the closet dimensions you use, the lighting has to be sufficient. Set the light close to the front and the ceiling. Be certain the shelves don’t block out the light. 

Organizing a Child’s Closet 

Place a second closet bar at the lower level. The low bar is going to help you put clothes that can be reached by the child. This will also help in keeping the clothes organized. If the closet is full, you should consider getting a closet organizer. 

There are many types available. Buy the organizers that will help you make the most of the closet space. Hanging systems and shoe racks can also keep the child’s closet better organized. 

If there is room, add more shelves. Put the off-season clothing at the uppermost shelves. The lower shelves can be used for gear and clothing worn often. 

Containers can be used to store toys, trinkets and various knickknacks. Having a few of these in the closet will keep the place uncluttered. You should invest in sturdy hangers. 

Many wire hangers can damage clothes, so be wary of those types. You should also arrange the clothes by type. Group the jackets together and do the same thing with the shirts, pants, dresses etc. 

Plenty of thought should be given to the closet dimensions. By taking the factors stated above into consideration, space problems can be avoided easily.

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