Hoe Sizes

The hoe size you will use depends on the type of work required. The hoe dimensions specified below are typically used in Japanese gardens, but they can also be utilized in other gardening / planting activities.

Hoe Measurements

A garden hoe with a laminated blade typically has a blade width of 120 mm with a handle length of 300 mm. The entire length is 370 mm. A narrow small hoe can have a blade size of 50 x 140 mm, and a blade length of 170 mm. The handle length is 390 mm. The average weight is 460 g.

Wide and small hoe sizes vary, but some have blades 170 mm long with a blade size of 75 x 140 mm. The handle length is 390 mm and the weight is 480 g.

A small, heavy and wide hoe has a blade measuring 75 mm x 125 mm. The handle length is 165 mm and it weighs 600 g. A small hoe fitted with three prongs has a blade 70 m wide and 110 mm long. The handle is 39 cm long.

A 3 pronged hoe with a wide blade has a handle 39 cm long. The blade is 240 mm and 70 mm wide. A trenching hoe has a 40 cm length and blade measuring 60 mm x 140 mm (W x H). There are other hoe sizes available.

Why and When to Use a Hoe

A hoe is used to get rid of seeds or stack soil around the plants. The hoe can also be used for making narrow furrows and trenches for seeds. The garden hoe can also be used for getting rid off seedlings that don’t get above ground.

Hoeing can be done in both flower and vegetable gardens (note: if you’re planting a vegetable garden, make sure there is enough space between them to make weeding simple). You should also plant in a straight line so hoeing will be easy.

Draw and Cutting Hoe

While hoe sizes vary, they’re generally classified as either a cutting or draw hoe. The draw hoe’s blade is positioned at a right angle to the shaft. Often it’s used for drawing soil to the user. This process occurs when creating planting drills.

The cutting hoe is the one used for removing weeds. This hoe removes weeds by being slid in an up and down manner under the soil. The blade is more aligned to the handle than the draw hoe.

They are available in various designs, the most widespread being the Dutch Hoe. It is used for removing weeds via a push and pull method. The Swoe is equipped with a pointed blade. It is set sideways from the handle. Regardless of the hoe you use, the blades need to be sharpened regularly.

Hoes are equipped with different blades, depending on their purpose. The collinear hoe is equipped with a narrow sharp blade to cut weeds. The average gardening hoe has a flat blade.

The hoe is also becoming popular among archaeologists especially for cleaning up. The hoe sizes they use vary just like gardeners.

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