Reflective Vest Dimensions

Police officers and traffic enforcers commonly wear a reflective vest so that people can easily see them at night and during bad weather. The vest varies in styles and colors. Some of the most popular colors of the garment are neon yellow, neon orange and neon green. Those who work in construction and industrial sites also wear this garment for protection and safety. Most manufacturers produce the same size and dimensions of the vest. This article highlights the most common reflective vest dimensions available in the commercial market today.

The Dimensions of Reflective Vests

What are the reflective vest dimensions? The width of the garment measures 17 inches while the height measures 23 inches. The vest has vertical vinyl strips that run from back to front measures an inch. The seam binding of the vest that can be seen on the edges of the garment measures ¼ inch. The closure on the front measures 1.5 inches x 2 inches. The front flaps of the vest have a length of an inch and a width of 8 inches.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

Most reflective vests are made from polyester. Instead of hook and loop, other manufacturers of the vest use zipper or reflective tape. Some manufacturers allow customers to customize the vest. They can print texts on the garment. Aside from screen printing, manufacturers also offer woven label stitching and heat transfer printing.

There are several reasons why people use this type of vest. The main reason for using this vest is to allow the wearer to be more visible. This type of vest is categorized into three. The first category includes vests that offer minimal amount of reflective as well as bright material. The second and third categories are the highly visible vests, which use high amount of bright material.

Some of the benefits that people get from this vest include minimal traffic fatalities, especially in construction areas. In some countries, the national government extends the use of the vests to media professionals. However, even if there are regulations about the professionals who should wear the vests, others also wear the garment for their safety. Some people who wear reflective vests are sports enthusiasts like cyclists as well as joggers. In some regions of the world, hunters wear the vests so that the other hunters can see them.

The usual price of the vest is around $5 to $10. However, consumers can get discounts if they will purchase the garment in bulk.

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