Ad Sizes

Advertising is a pretty lucrative business to get into. It is one of the strengths of marketing where a lot of the budget is poured in. Whether you are the advertiser or the one putting out the ads for a sum, you will have a nice time doing this kind of business.

Size Matters

When it comes to advertising, ad sizes matters a lot. It spells not just the effectiveness of your ad but also the amount you will have to pay for putting that ad out.

Ad sizes differ according to the material. If you are publishing your ad in print, you can look for rate cards that publishing companies distribute. Rate cards will help you understand the types of the ads they accept in what size and format. They also reveal the amount of each size or type of an ad as well as in which publications you can place your ad.

In case of Internet advertising, there are standards that are being observed. It is important to remember at least the four sizes – the leaderboard, wide skyscraper, small rectangle, and medium rectangle – as per the guidelines of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Those four sizes are topnotch in terms of performance. If you want to beef up your revenues and take advantage of your ads, you should remember that a leaderboard is sized at 728×90 pixels; wide skyscraper at 160×600 pixels; small rectangle at 180×150 pixels; and medium rectangle at 300×250. There are other ad sizes but since those are top performing and are known to deliver results, you must study them through.

You can look through examples of advertisements online to give yourself better ideas on how to make yours work to whatever product or service you are trying to sell to the public. Such resources are quite very useful especially for those who are novice in this field.

The Perfect Size

Size is a big consideration in placing ads. It will spell the effectiveness of your ad as well as the budget you need to allot for it. That’s why the most important decisions you have to make is what size of ad should you use.

The first thing you need to take note of is the medium you are using. Will it be effective to use a full-page ad in a magazine or a small rectangle ad in an online page. It all depends on what you are selling and what medium you are using to sell it. By determining that, you will be able to make out what size to use.

Another consideration is your budget. How much are you allowed to spend? Different ad sizes come with different tag prices.

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