How Large is a Medicine Ball?

Exercise or medicine ball sizes are more or less 14 inches in diameter. Their weight ranges from 2–25 lb (0.91–11 kg). However, larger balls are available. Its purpose is to strengthen the athlete and to rehabilitate them.

Historical Background

These balls have been used for conditioning for thousands of years. The oldest reference dates back 3000 years ago in Persia. They were used by wrestlers. The Greek physician Hippocrates created balls using animal skin. They were filled with sand. Even then they were used for rehab. It was during the late 19th century when the term “medicine ball” was coined.

Benefits and Usage

The medicine ball sizes can be utilized in various ways. Boxers use them to enhance the abdominal muscles. This is conducted by putting the ball on the boxer’s stomach. This is akin to getting a punch in the belly.

Another technique to boost strength is to thrust the ball into the chests of athletes back and forth (like passing a ball). Practiced regularly, the leg, chest and arm muscles are fortified.

Another method is to throw the ball behind and over the head. Another is to push and kneel the ball off their chest. These are also used for improving fitness. The ball can be lifted or used in leg raises or sit-ups. The muscles are strengthened because the muscle is stressed.

Rehabilitating Injuries

The ball is also utilized by athletes who are coming off an injury and rehabilitating. Under the guidance of an expert, the ball can be used in different ways to rejuvenate the body.


Most of the balls today are made from vinyl covered nylon cloth or leather. The weight comes from the materials used to fill the ball. The vinyl types have sand filling. They are not utilized in workouts that need bouncing.

Other balls that do not have to be bounced can be filled with steel shot. There are balls with material made up of various thicknesses. A rubber shell is used to seam them. Others make use of a narrow rubber. This is covered by more rubber. These balls have an air valve which provides the bounce.

There are other medicine ball sizes available. The types also vary. Aside from the ones mentioned, there are some built from gel-filled polyvinyl chloride shells. Others use solid polyurethane. It is the neoprene bags that are usually stuffed with steel shot and sand. You can buy many of these online and in fitness stores.

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