Biggest Zit

Although having a zit is quite normal, it can really make anybody look bad especially when found in a widely exposed part of the face. Furthermore, it can also affect other body parts like the chest and back. In severe cases, it can lead to nasty scars as well as the formation of zits. For mild cases, the use of benzoyl peroxide is enough. However, isotretinoin and antibiotics are best suited for worse cases. Other possible treatments for this kind of skin problem include retinoids and many others. Besides these facts, there are more to know about it including the size of the biggest zit.

The Size of the Biggest Zit Worldwide

Based on the numerous videos scattered all over the internet, the biggest zit-like bump ever recorded measured close to 75 millimeters in diameter, which is comparable to the size of a hockey puck. Of course, this size is beyond normal, considering that the average size of a big zit is approximately 18 millimeters only. This problem commonly happens to individuals, specifically those who are experiencing a severe form of acne, each zit of which is filled with fluid.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

In adolescents, hormonal changes contribute a lot to the development of zits. Although at times these conditions cannot be stopped, the development of acne can be controlled better with the help of proper diet combined with the regular use of home remedies or an effective antibacterial soap. One of the most recent advancements in acne treatment is called the reversion acne control technique. Using this kind of system, the elasticity of your skin can be maintained, the breakouts can be controlled and future zits can be prevented.

Just like other illnesses, zits, pimples or whatever term you want to call them, can be prevented, controlled and treated. To care for your skin, it is good to wash the face at least two times a day. It is preferred to use an antibacterial soap, sulphur soap or just any mild soap. In case you just cannot resist the temptation of popping your zits, make it sure to wash your hands first behold laying them on your pimples. Because of the dirt and bacteria commonly found in dirty hands, the risk of further inflammation and infection is very high.

The development of zits can be controlled even more by treating them with different kinds of approved medications such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide as well as other topical solutions available in your local drugstores. In case you observe that eating some types of foods aggravate the condition of your acne, be wise enough to avoid these foods.

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