Size of a Scooter

There are many different scooter sizes. Those made for toddlers are small enough to carry around. Those for teens and adults are larger.

Engine Size

Scooters are measured by their engine. The larger the engine, the more quickly the vehicle will go. Those with bigger engines are more expensive. They also require more gas.

For beginners, the 50cc engine should be just right. However, the individual’s weight and height will also play a role in determining the type of scooter to buy.

While the size varies, they are always measured in cubic centimeters (CC). Aside from 50cc, the other widely available sizes are 150cc and 250cc. There are other more powerful engines, but these will do for beginners.

Performance and Speed

The 50cc usually have top speeds of 35 to 40 mph. These are just enough for cruising around town. This size also produces good gas mileage.

The 150cc scooters can reach speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour. These are more suited for the occasional road adventures. The 250cc have speeds reaching 75 mph. These engine scooter sizes are suitable for daily commuting.

Some Facts about Scooters

Most of these are vehicles that run on two wheels. However, those made for toddlers now have three wheels. Its most distinguishing feature is the step-through frame. This permits the individual to get in the seat like a bicycle. These vehicles have a flat floorboard for the feet.

The engine powered vehicles have a drive system. This is connected to the back axle or below the vehicle seat. There is also some storage space below the seat.

The Wheels

Their wheels have dimensions of 8 to 12 inches (20 to 28 cm). Because of its compact size and low maintenance, it has become very popular with consumers. Compared with a motorcycle, the scooter doesn’t make as much noise. There are also less legal restrictions to worry about. These are also easier to drive.


To reduce emissions, some of these vehicles use LPG rather than diesel or gasoline. The frame quality has also been improved. The frames today are also sleeker.

The most commonly used material for the frame is aluminum. The braking systems and engines have also been improved. Heated hand grips and windshields are also now being implemented.

The various scooter sizes should make it easy for people to find the right one. You can find many of these online and in specialty shops as well.

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