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In football, there are certain standards that need to be met in order to come-up with the right playing field. There are specifications for professional football, college football and high school football.

Knowing the different areas that you need to specify within the football field and understanding each area’s specific dimensions are important details that you should look into, if only to understand more about the game.

From goal post dimensions to standard measurements for all other areas such as the end zone, end line, placements of team benches, and field numbers; each one has to be of a certain dimension in order for the field to be qualified as a legitimate football play area.

Dimensions for Each Section

Overall Measurements

First of all, the overall dimensions of a football field are pegged at approximately three hundred and sixty feet long or about one hundred and twenty yards. The width should be around one hundred and sixty feet or about fifty-three and one-third yards.

Goal Post Dimensions

Goal post dimensions are approximately ten feet high and eighteen feet and six inches wide for both the National Collegiate Athletic Association college football and the National Football League professional football.

For high school football, goal post dimensions are pegged at ten feet high and twenty-three feet and four inches wide. 

High school football in the United States is regulated by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

End Zone Dimensions

NFL regulations specify that end zone dimensions should be ten yards deep. This is the standard measurement specified by all football-regulating bodies in the United States.

End Line Dimensions

To indicate the back of the end zone, the end line should be a six-foot border.

Team Bench Placements

As for the team benches, these should be situated along the specified restraining line between the thirty-yard markers.

Restraining Line

The National Football League specifies that there should be a six-inch line along the sidelines to indicate just how close to the field non-players can stay.

Field Number Dimensions

For the National Football League, these field numbers should be at least six feet in height and four feet in width.

Hash Mark Dimensions

The National Football League likewise specifies that hash marks from the sidelines should be seventy feet and nine inches and will have similar measurements as that of the goal post dimensions when it comes to its width: eighteen feet and six inches wide.

It would help to know field dimensions, including goal post dimensions, so that players and coaches can work on their game plan more informatively. 

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