Size of Shower Heads

The standard size of shower head threads is called One Half Inch National Pipe Thread – Tapered. This is often expressed as 1/2″ NPT. This size has 14 threads per inch.


The shower head is a device set at the end of a mechanism that disperses water. Its purpose is to provide uniform flow when washing. These heads have small openings on the shower fixture surface.

The holes face the person taking the shower. Majority of these heads are constructed from ABS. This is a heavy duty plastic. The plating can be gold, chrome or aluminum. These come in various designs to make them more appealing.


No matter what the size of shower heads are, they are almost always mounted on walls within the shower stall. Majority of bathtubs have a device that can be changed by switching the stream so it emanates from the head. In larger homes, multiple heads are installed in the enclosure.


These heads are adjustable. To attain maximum coverage when bathing, the device can be turned. Turning can be done at the fixture base. This can modify the flow direction. A hose can be connected to the head. This makes the head moveable. This is ideal for those who want more control over the shower. The handheld detachable shower head can be used by those who use shower chairs.


There is a wide assortment of heads available in stores. The rate at which they stream water varies. Their velocity levels and patterns differ. The energy efficient heads are very popular nowadays. These types conserve the flow of water, which makes them cost efficient too.

The high pressure variants generate more powerful streams. Their holes are smaller compared to those in standard heads. This is suitable for those who want a vigorous showering experience.

Those with adjustable heads can be toggled from massage-like to high pulse, single streams. The button or switch is typically located at the side of the head. The more high end devices have time and heat sensors. The heat sensor can be used for warming the water.
While there are many different types, the installation is very easy.

The fitting is standardized, so no matter what the size of shower head is, installation will be easy. To remove the old head, you can use a wrench or pliers. These heads ought to be removed every now and then to get rid of any mineral deposits that may have built up.

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