Standard Office Door Size

Office doors see a lot of traffic during the work week, with visitors and clients coming and going practically all through the 8-hour workday; sometimes even exceeding eight hours.

Since you cannot foretell who will be coming and going through your office doors, it is important that you have this in a size that people of all heights and shapes can comfortably pass through.

This being said, taking careful consideration of your office door size is essential.

Standard Office Door Size

Typically, office doors are higher or taller than you regular home doors. Standard sizes for an interior door for offices usually start at three feet in width by seven feet in height.

This is approximately thirty-six wide by eighty-four high in inches. It is also very common to find office doors that are a bit higher than the standard size. These heights can be anywhere between eight feet up to eight feet and six inches.

The three-foot width is just right to accommodate 2 people passing through the door at the same time. This is also wide enough to accommodate persons with handicaps.

As for the doors thickness, this is usually at least two inches or about five centimeters. Office doors are also typically solid-core doors for soundproofing purposes.

Customized Office Doors

On the other hand, you may also have your office door customized if you want it wider and taller or any other way that you want it. Usually, door manufacturers also have their own standard sizes for office and home doors; and if their standard sizes do not fit your specifications, they almost always accommodate custom-made orders.

Materials for Office Doors

Depending on your needs and preferences, office doors can be made from oak, poplar or mahogany. These are solid woods that are known to last a long time. You may also choose the kind of finish that you want for your office door to match the interiors of your workplace.

Manufacturers usually indicate the kind of wood that they use so you can choose from their selection or you may opt to go with another manufacturer that uses the kind of wood that you want.

Searching for the Perfect Office Door

To help get you started on finding the right office door for you, your best option is to check out several sites on the internet for office doors straight from the manufacturers themselves.

You can readily see samples of their ready-made doors as well as samples of a few custom-built office doors that clients have requested from them. These will give you an idea of just how the doors look and will help you choose accordingly.

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