Snowman Size

The snowman is a sculpture of a human being made out of snow. This anthropomorphic representation is commonly built as part of the winter celebration. It is the main subject of the 1978 British picture book entitled “The Snowman.” Likewise, it was made popular by the children’s song called “Frosty the Snowman.” In addition to these basic facts, there are other interesting things to find out about it including the size of a snowman.

The Size of a Snowman

The snowman comes in various shapes and sizes, depending on the availability of snow. However, the average height of snowmen is somewhere between 4 feet to 6 feet. The sizes of snowmen actually depend on the preferences of creators. Furthermore, factors such as the availability of snow as well as the amount of snow present must also be considered.

In 2008, the record for the largest snowman in the world was established in the town of Bethel, which is part of Oxford County in Maine. It measured 37.21 meters or 122 feet and 1 inch high. It was created in honor of U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, who is currently representing the state of Maine.

Before that, the previous record was held by ‘Angus, King of the Mountain,’ which was made in February 1999 in honor of Maine Governor Angus King. It stood 34.62 meters or 113 feet and 7 inches tall. It weighed more than 4,080,000 kilograms or 9,000,000 pounds.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

A snowman is made by packing snow, which is done on regular powder snow as it the reaches melting point. In this state, the snow is compactible and moist. A large ball of snow can be created by simply rolling it until the desired size is achieved. It is very difficult to create a snowman out of powdered snow because it is unable to stick.

In North America and Europe, a snowman is usually comprised of three spheres. The lowest part is for the lower body, the middle sphere as the torso and the uppermost sphere as the head. A snowman can be dressed using different kinds of materials, the most common of which are vegetables, wood sticks and coal. Aside from these materials, rocks can also be used as designs.

When creating a nose for a snowman, people often use cherries and carrots. For the eyes, lumps of coal and stones are commonly used. For the arms, the use of sticks is quite common. Different kinds of clothes can also be placed to make it look livelier. These include hats, jackets and scarves.

In East Asia, a snowman is usually comprised of two spheres. This is true in Japan where it is referred to as Yuki daruma. In popular culture, this thing is often used as main character in films, books and other form of literature. These include the 1996 horror film entitled “Jack Frost,” the German animated short film “Der Schneemann” and the 1990 arcade game called Snow Bros.

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