Dimensions of a Car Alarm

A car alarm is one of the most important accessories that a car owner can buy. The following information may prove useful if you are interested in buying one.

Car Alarm Dimensions

These alarm systems are made in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes. The XO Vision DX370 car alarm system measures 5 x 5 x 7.2 inches. The car alarm comes with an electronic shock sensor and anti-carjacking. There is also a four button remote so you can unlock and lock the car. The remote also lets you activate or disarm the alarm.

There is also a power trunk release included. The built in shock sensors ensure that a sound will be emitted if the car is moved or hit. There are also distinct alarms for light touches and heavy hits.

Since car alarm dimensions and specifications will vary per model, research will be essential. The following are some tips you may want to consider.

Stick with Known Brands

Only buy car alarms from an established manufacturer. How long has the company been in the car alarm business? Check out their website. Some have been making alarm systems for twenty years or more.

A quick look at online stores and alarm review sites will show the top systems are by long standing companies. Aside from a quality product, you can be sure of top notch customer service as well.

Study Your Options

Car alarms today can do more than sound a beep. Many come with remote starters and controls, multiple tone sirens, valet mode, trunk pop, panic alarm, starter kill, two-way transceivers and many more.

Before you buy, consider what features you will need. Do you need the basic system or one with all the bells and whistles? The more features an alarm has the more expensive it will be.

The other thing to consider is the price. Many fine car alarm systems are available online and at reasonable prices. You can also find discounts in retail stores and electronic shops. You may also find some good finds at your local car dealer. When you find a good alarm system, check different stores to see how much it costs.

Depending on the car alarm dimensions and type, it may be something you can install on your own. If not, take the car to the shop and have it installed. Check the car alarm manual to be sure.

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