Size of a Faucet


The faucet is a device used for drawing liquid, as from a pipe. It is also known as a spigot or tap in other countries. 

The Size of Faucets 

The standard faucet dimensions are 4 inches L x 3 inches H. But there other types of faucets available which cause the sizes to differ. For instance, a widespread faucet will have an 8 or 12 inch space between its handles. 

Another type is called the mini-faucet. The tap is small enough to fit in center to center holes that measure 4 inches. The center faucet also comes with handles. The distance between handles is 4 inches. Most of the time, the spout is between 3 to 7 inches high. But there are some spouts 8 to 12 inches high. 

The sizes of faucets are determined by the design. The Price Pfister T52-9YPC pullout spray faucet for example, has a spout 17.19 inches tall. The reach of the spout is about 8 inches. The faucet is suitable for a two or four-hole application. The Kohler K-10433-CP Forte has a spout 10.3 inches high. The spout reach has been measured at 10.13 inches. 

The Kohler K-597-CP faucet on the other hand, is 16.6 inches high and with a spout 15.38 inches high. The spout reach is about 8 inches. The American Standard A7100.241H.295 is 13.75 inches high. Its spout is 9.38 inches high and with a reach of 5 inches. The sizes of faucets will vary some more as manufacturers come out with different designs. 

Tips for Buying a Faucet

If possible, you should select the faucet and sink at the same time. The main reason is that you need to make sure the sink has enough holes for the faucet type. If you already have a sink, the type of faucet you can buy is restricted to what the sink can accommodate. In other words, you must select a faucet that is fully compatible with your sink. 

You might also want to consider using a single lever faucet rather than the two lever type. A single lever faucet allows one hand to control the water volume. The other hand can hold the food or other items. the handled faucets will need both hands (for turning the tap on and controlling the temperature). 

Another advantage of using the single lever faucet is that it needs fewer holes at the countertop. You must also ensure the size is just right. Using a large faucet on a small sink will look out of place. On the other hand, a tiny faucet will not work with a three bowl sink. 

You must also make sure the faucet has sufficient reach to disperse water. This can be determined by the distance from the spout opening to the point it links with the sink. 

The sizes of faucets are crucial in determining how convenient it will be to use. By taking the time to examine the dimensions of the tap, you will be able to find one that best suits your requirements. 

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