Bed Bug Feces Size

If you experience itching terribly in the morning and you see some ugly marks of red blots in your skin, you could start suspecting that bed bugs has invaded your room and your home in general. Once this suspicion is sparked, you should start moving to take control, get rid of the bugs in your home, and prevent the infestation from getting worse. Bed bugs can multiply many times at a short period of time. If you will not move rapidly, the infestation will grow bigger by the day.

When looking out for bed bugs, you will need all the clues. You would want to look out not just for adult bugs or larvae or eggs but also bed bug feces. Then again, is it possible to trace bed bugs feces?

Well, it is quite difficult, actually. It helps, however, to know everything about bed bugs, including its feces so you know where to start looking.

Bed bugs excrete liquid feces that, when dry, becomes dark spots in your bedding or in its hiding place. If the infestation is huge, there may be a musty, sweet smell floating around.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs like the security of dark crevices and creases. If you go looking for them, make sure that you are armed with a flashlight. Look out for them in the box spring of your bed, in between the sheets, the mattresses, and at the corners of the bed frames. Bed bugs may also thrive in other furniture pieces such as cabinets, couches, sofas, chairs, and tables. They may also use the cracks in your electrical outlets as a hiding place as well as the creases of your carpets.

What to Do with a Bug Infestation?

Of course, it depends how worse the infestation is. You can start with home remedies but if none of it effectively eliminates any trace of bed bugs, you may have to contact professional pest control service. Meanwhile, here are some things you should do at home as soon as you suspect bed bug infestation:

* Clean the infested area. Nothing more can resolve your problem with bugs other than keeping a clean, clutter-free surrounding.

* Use a vacuum cleaner in all possible areas where bed bugs may hide.

* Wash all your beddings in warm water. Dry them thoroughly using a steam dryer or something similar. Heat is capable of killing bed bugs in all stages.

* Keep your clutter in control. Put away all the unnecessary things in your room hence they may serve as a dwelling place for bed bugs.

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