Sizes of Infant Training Pants

Training pants basically help babies with their potty training. These provide them with the type of diaper that they can easily pull up or down whenever they feel the need to go poop or pee.

As with baby diaper sizes, sizes of infant training pants also indicate the minimum and maximum weight that each size can support. So much like choosing baby diapers, parents also refer to the weight range indicated on the label to help them determine which size will fit their babies perfectly.

Sizes of Infant Training Pants

Depending on the development of your baby, he may be ready for training pants anywhere from fifteen months up to twenty-six months; others take longer. Also depending on the manufacturer, availability of different sizes of infant training pants may vary.

Some manufacturers have sizes that start at fifteen months while other start at twenty-four months. One size may indicate Extra Large and this is ideal for babies between fifteen months up to twenty-four months of age.

The weight that this size can support ranges from 24.2 pounds up to 30.8 pounds or roughly about 11 up to 14 kilograms.

Other sizes of infant training pants that start at twenty-four months or 2 years up to 3 years old generally can support weights from 16 up to 34 pounds.

You may see a large discrepancy on the starting weights of different manufacturers where one can support heavier babies but are indicated as ideal for 15-month-old up to 24-month-old babies; while sizes that indicate they are ideal for babies 2 and 3 years old can support a minimum weight of 16 pounds.

Your choice therefore will depend on which size is most comfortable for your baby as this will greatly influence their progress with their potty training.

Other Sizes of Infant Training Pants

There are several other sizes of infant training pants that you can readily find in the market today which means that whatever your baby’s weight is once he shows signs of being ready for potty training, you can easily find sizes that will fit him as he progresses with the training and increases in weight.

Sizes indicated as 3T and 4T are ideal for babies with weights ranging from 32 up to 40 pounds; while sizes that indicate 4T up to 5T can generally support babies weighing 38 pounds and up.

There is also a size indicated as Junior and this can support weights from 35.2 up to 44 pounds; and a bigger size indicated as Junior Plus can support babies who weight anywhere from 41 up to 54 pounds.

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