Biggest Lego House

The biggest Lego house in the world is a two storey, 20 ft structure in a wine estate in Surrey, UK. James May built it with 1,000 assistants. They used 3.3 million Lego bricks.
The entire house is made out of Lego bricks. It has a bed, hot shower and toilet. The toilet is fully functional. The bathroom comes complete with a basin and taps. These are also constructed from Lego. Not only is the bed made from Lego, but so are the pillows and slippers in the bedroom. The structure has its own kitchen too. 
All the kitchen utensils are made from Lego bricks. Aside from forks, spoons and knives, there is also a whisk, iron and bread bin. There is even reading material to be found in the house. One of the main attractions in the house is a multicolored window. When you look out of it, the sun’s light will shine through. 
Legal Problems
As of September 2009, the biggest Lego house is located in the Denbies Wine Estate at Dorking, Surrey. However, the house is facing all sorts of legal difficulties. The problem is that the vineyard wants to reclaim the land. It is required for its production of grapes. 
According to May, Lego broke its promise to haul the house and bring it to the Lego theme park in Windsor, Berkshire. The company reneged on its promise as the house would be too costly to maintain. In an interview, 
May said he was very disappointed at the prospect of seeing the house dismantled. In the interview, May said that a private collector or art gallery might be enticed into purchasing the house. 
However, that may not be possible. The Lego company has exclusive rights to the usage of Lego bricks as public attractions. Furthermore, the company has forbidden May from dismantling the house. All the bricks were donated by Lego. 
The company also expressed its disappointment with May for not working with the company. Had he consulted Lego, they would have been able to device a way to make the house movable. 
The only way to move the house would be to cut it. But that would damage the structure. It will also cause health and safety problems if used as a tourist attraction later on. 
The biggest Lego house is not the first large scale building project James May had done. Previously he made a garden out of plasticine. 

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